Our History:

How ADA Organics started:
A story behind the need and birth of ADA Organics

Learning from history

In the heart of a metro city, Our family faced a sudden challenge when our pregnant daughter-in-law began experiencing severe hair fall, coupled with sleepless nights and dwindling appetite. Concerned and seeking a solution for same, we turned to the timeless wisdom of our grandparents in the village.

Use of Vedas & Ayurveda

The elders, stepped back in the ancient traditions passed down through generations, suggested a return to nature’s embrace. Inspired by the teachings of Ayurveda and the Vedas, they recommended crafting organic, authentic products at home, just as their ancestors did.

Need Indeed

Eager to restore our loved one’s well-being, our family dived into the world of Ayurveda and started blending modern knowledge with ancient remedies. With in depth research and a commitment to authenticity, we sourced genuine herbs from remote regions, adhering to the time-tested processes outlined in Vedic texts.

Studies & Practices

The journey involved countless in-depth studies, Ayurvedic practices, and the incorporation of herbal remedies. We handcrafted hair oils and health products, embracing the essence of an ancient era when purity prevailed. The results were transformative – not only did our daughter-in-law’s health improved, but the entire family witnessed a positive shift in the lifestyle as we all started using these products on ourselves as well.

After Results

Recognizing the profound impact of these organic creations, our family realized the pressing need for such products in today’s chaotic and modern world. ADA Organics was born, an embodiment of our commitment to bringing ancient wellness practices to contemporary living.

Best organic, best herbal and best ayurvedic handmade health and beauty products. Made with genuine hand picked herbs and ancient vedic traditional practices

Our products, Cautiously crafted with genuine herbs and following Vedic processes, are a testament to the transformative power of nature. ADA Organics invites you to join us on a journey back to the roots, where the wisdom of the past meets the needs of the present, fostering wellness from the inside out. 🌿✨ #ADAOrganics #WellnessRevolution #AncientWisdomModernLiving

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